Press Release: 51 Miles Away Alternative Rock Band Releases New Album “Offroad 2.0″

Special Edition Contains 4 Bonus Tracks

Augsburg, Germany – (February 4, 2016) German band 51 Miles Away announced the release of their latest alternative rock and electronic album titled “Offroad 2.0”. The unique style of the album is evident while listening to the heavy guitar sound, drums and the crossovers to electronic music. Not surprising, since the album is fittingly titled “Offroad”. As stated by lead vocalist Sven, “This album is about failing, getting lost and getting back on track.” He also describes the concept behind the project this way stating, “Life is an awesome experience. But it’s also a complicated road. Crossroads. Dead-Ends. Wrong Directions. You can easily get Off-Track. You need to navigate carefully. Sometimes you are the driver Sometimes just a co-pilot. Don’t follow every sign. Faith. Trust. Hope and Love will lead you.”

The music duo also released a brand new remix on YouTube titled “Trust” which can be view on their YouTube channel at The album, performed by lead vocalist Sven and produced by lead guitarist, drummer and bass man Sharky, can be directly downloaded on Itunes and Bandcamp is available on all major digital outlet stores

Download “Offroad 2.0” Special Edition which contains 4 Bonus Tracks using these links:

Music links:


Apple Music / iTunes:



Amazon Music:

Google Play:

Check out the tracklist for “Offroad 2.0” Special Edition album which contains 4 Bonus tracks:

Track / Artist

  1. Navigator
  2. Princess
  3. The Last Day
  4. Offroad
  5. Mother Earth
  6. Nightwalker
  7. In Trouble
  8. Trust (in everything)
  9. The End Of Night
  10. In Trouble (remix)
  11. Trust (hi5 remix)
  12. Trust (JSP remix)
  13. The End Of Night (Rusty Dreams JSP Remix)



Sven is the songwriter and lead vocalist of the band. Sharky plays the drums, guitar, bass and is the producer on the album “Offroad 2.0”. Both men are from Augsburg and Wolfsburg, Germany. The two audio-visual media designers met and started making music together in 2012. For more information visit

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Media Contact 

Sven Frei




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