[New Music] Zoe Buddha “Summertime” ft. Elijah King

MIAMI, FL (November 16, 2015) – New Single “SUMMERTIME” Featuring Elijah King – Zoe Buddha is joined by singer Elijah King for an ultimate duo collaboration. “Let Go” will also attract crowds and is a collaboration with long time friend singer Ilisa Juried and Virginia’s own Hip Hop artist Kay’O. The captivating “Summertime” track contains entrancing librettos by R&B singer Elijah King. Finally, the club hit “How the Hell” features catchy lyrics by known Rapper Juicy J. Zoe Buddha will perform shows at various clubs and venues in Florida while managing his independent record label, TrebleMaker Records. With the exception of “How the Hell” all songs will be available for purchase on all major media outlets.

Listen to “Summertime” on Youtube

Listen to all five new releases here


Zoe is a brilliant musical Producer, Songwriter, and DJ from Miami, FL. He is able to articulate fresh and unique beats filled with amazing harmonies and dynamics deciphered in genres such as Dance, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rhythm & Blues plus more. The development of his unique musical style is the result of hard work, collaborative efforts and individual projects which establishes his foundation as a creative and talented Performer, Musician, DJ and Producer.

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http://www.facebook.com/ZoeBuddhaMusicFor more information contact: TrebleMaker Records www.TrebleMakerRecords.com

SOURCE: TrebleMaker Records


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