Jaymal’s New Single She Choosin’

Listen to Jaymal’s New Single “She Choosin’” on Soundcloud

Orlando, FL (October 16, 2015)–Hip Hop R & B artist, music producer, songwriter and entertainer, Jaymal is no newcomer to the music industry. He comes from a musically diverse family. Jaymal was introduced to music at an early age. His mother a soprano-alto and father a bass singer, both still actively sing at family functions and get-together’s. He remembers receiving his first recorder from his uncle and enrolling in a music program at the Florida Studios, formerly Fruity Loops in Orlando, Florida.

There, is where he began perfecting his sound and in 2002 started producing his own creative beats. In 2004, Jaymal formed his own band by the name of Lost Soulz. He produced most of the music for the group and together they performed locally at various Florida venues. The talented singer/songwriter ultimately left the group and went on to pursue a solo music career. Jaymal continues to produce classic Hip Hop and R&B rhythms for many of the local artists in and around the City, however, following his dream and attracting people to soulful music has become his number one objective besides creating appealing librettos and intuitive musical hits. The newly released single “She Choosin” promises to attract the ears and attention of music enthusiast globally. The single track contains a unique set of melodic beats filled with a catchy, repetitious refrain distinctive of today’s Pop, Hip-Hop, and Rhythm & Blues ethos. His music can be compared to the likes of T-Pain, J Cole and Wale but his sound captivates his listeners, leaving them wanting more than just a tight beat.

Listen to the new single “She Choosin” now available on iTunes

CDbaby.com: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jaymal2

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For more info or press inquiries, please email Jaymal Music Group


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