Inconnu Crew Releases Fresh Sound with “Don’t Worry”

Listen and vibe now to Inconnu Crew’s new track available on Soundcloud.

Young diversified rap artists collaborate to create a fresh sound

Copenhagen, Denmark (release July 5, 2015) – Inconnu Crew is a young vibrant group of singers, songwriters and rappers who produce a mixture of Hip Hop, Trap and Modern R&B records. Their innovative music is inspired from big name artists such as Drake, PnD, Schoolboy Q, G-Eazy and Kendrick Lamar. Their latest single “Don’t Worry” will blow your mind. The track creates a fresh sound your ears have been craving to hear all summer. The crew consists of Jay, the main singer of the group, also a songwriter and rapper. Get this, he is Indian. Nico, also a songwriter and rapper in the group, is a native of the Philippines. What a collaboration effort for a young group from diverse ethnicities to come together for one common goal: to make good music. Joakim produced and mastered the track and he is also Danish. The track is scheduled to release on July 5, 2015. The perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy your independence while you listen this new summer hit.




Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone Number: +0045 29384097



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