Alternative Rock Band Silverbird Releases New Album “Pureland”

Listen and heal a broken heart with the new album release “Pureland” available now on iTunes

Brooklyn, NY-(October 16, 2015) Alternative Rock band Silverbird recently released their new album “Pureland” on September 18, 2015 and already it’s receiving exceptional reviews. The album was recorded live in the studio and showcases the band’s “pure” creativity. One listener writes, “If a rainbow had a living soul that would be this album”. The same writer continues by saying, “Beautiful, edgy, soulful and dreamy are four words that would describe this band.” Audiences will agree and definitely relate to the new LP, which is inspired by love lost. However, a strikingly executed album was gained despite the tragedy. The inspiration for the new record comes from the band’s lead vocalist, Barr whose experience with heartbreak leads him to retreat to a monastery. The first track on the album “Running” tells an emotional, vibrant story through Barr’s lively vocals. The mixture of edgy, subtle, innovative and vintage sounds on this album will blow your mind. Pureland is “pure” awesome.

Listen and download the new album on iTunes here. Watch the official “Running” music video on YouTube.

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Silverbird is the bastard child of a generation raised on Nintendo and John Cusack movies. They’re the musical equivalent of the high school afternoons you spent driving around in your friends beat up Volvo and smoking Parliament Lights. They make music to get stoned and have an existential crisis to.


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